August 2001 Issue – Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions Shows Off His Flying V Collection

By Larry Meiners

Rudolf Schenker is a founding member of the mega-successful rock band called Scorpions. Rudy, along with his brother Michael (UFO, Michael Schenker Group) helped drive sales of Gibson Flying V guitars since they were reissued again in 1975. Throughout his entire career with Scorpions he has played Flying V guitars and is considered the largest Flying V collector in the world.

With hits like No One Like You from Scorpions 1982 platinum release Blackout, to their multi-platinum 1984 album Love at First Sting containing the hit single Rock You Like a Hurricane, the worlds rock fans have seen Rudolf in concert with some of his favorite Flying V guitars. Rudolf has over 70 vintage and collectible Flying V guitars, including an original 1958 model, as well as several Limited Edition and Gibson Custom Shop instruments.

Photo Credit: Udo Weger

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